This was the second version of the original Munger Bungo 600k.  It came into being after a 500 year flood event destroyed a lake, a major highway and countless roads in Duluth.  With the Munger Trail and most other bike routes out of commission for an extended period, I created this route which returns to the Twin Cities via Wisconsin 35 to Danbury and CRF to Grantsburg.  From there it continues south along the St Croix River and some fantastic views to Osceola finally ascending the bluff and returning to Stillwater.  I found once it was done that I liked it far more than the original due to the variation in the route and the small, wild roads it uses on day 2.

This route is not to be taken lightly.  There are no open services from the overnight to the finish making a sleep stop nearly mandatory.  If you are planning this route, be sure to reserve very early in Duluth as rooms are full up to a month in advance.  Though the official overnight is the Munger Inn, it is possible to substitute anything in Canal Park or downtown Duluth for the overnight in case it is full.

This is a spectacular and historic route showing some of the most historic cities in Minnesota, the shores of Lake Superior and the wilds of Wisconsin.