Mt Lemmon Approaches

As a special bonus for the year, Road Pixie has decided to mix family (Dad) with biking and fly to Arizona to ride the 200K Mt Lemmon Brevet. Described as "extreme" by some who have ridden it, the brevet is 40 miles through Tuscon followed by a 25 mile climb at 5%-8% up to the top. The return descent should be something.
The Golden Goat just got FedEx'd to Dad's for the winter where it will stay, providing reasons to go see Dad over the winter. Dad rides too, just not quite as far.
There are actually very few places one can ride 25 miles straight up. Some places in Colorado, etc. Road Pixie's current record is only 15 miles up (in Oregon). More later on the lessons learned from the assault on the Lemmon.
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